Oil & Gas

Reduce down-time by cutting down inspection times

In-situ Defect Detection

Inspectors take hundreds of thousands of photos.

Get instant results through automated reports upon problem detection.

View live reports from a bespoke dashboard.

Identify anomalies in pipeline pigging inspection

Traditionally, experts manually mark MFL data by identifying features and abnormalities along pipe installations. Engineers then have to visually seek recognizable features by extensively scrolling through data while applying filters and knowledge of known features.

An itxEdge device can be thought of the same features based on previously annotated data, then apply the learnt features to detect future abnormalities, freeing up the engineers time to more pressing matters.

Personal protection equipment (PPE) verification

Worker safety is crucial on the shop floor. Constant monitoring of personal safety equipment compliance is nearly impossible, without the use of CCTV and intelligent detection software.

Deploy a smart surveillance system onsite.

Always-on automated monitoring of PPE compliance can avoid enforcement agency penalties as well as ensure worker safety and avoid injuries.

Defect Classification
on RT Scans