Businesses that rely on vision, either by using the naked eye or via CCTV, do so to react quickly to the conditions of their environment.

Whether it be inspecting parts in manufacturing, registering vehicles at the security gate, or counting people going in and out of the store, mistakes can be made by people doing the inspection and most systems in the market doesn't have intelligence built-in.

itxEdge is a simple to deploy AI solution that gives you real-time analytics from your local video feeds. A smart appliance that is installed on-site, to give low-latency, error-free response, without requiring data to be sent to the cloud and exposing your business to security threats.

Vehicle type, colour, and of course plate number extraction

Make your existing CCTVs work for you. Wire up the itxEdge detection system to your CCTV infrastructure.

The intelligent video recognition system will automatically register vehicle type, color and plate number quickly at security guard houses for entry/exit records. Combine with face detection, to truly enhance the safety of your residential/commercial area.

Anomaly detection on production line

Inspection systems are typically rigid and can only detect specific markings classified as defects. Ever tried to teach an inspection system to look for dents, cracks or scratches? With visual A.I. you can. Eliminate your defective products and increase quality now.


Move the line at the checkout faster. For products without barcodes, cashiers have to correctly identify the items to be checked out. An A.I. assistant can help save time and money by quickly and correctly recognizing products.

Individual Product Identification from a Large Inventory

Lower the burden and cost of managing stock. Many companies have an inventory of over 10,000 different unlabeled products. Given a sample item, they have to search the inventory manually, which consumes a lot of time.

Machine vision with A.I. can cut the search time, and significantly improve business turnaround time from days/hours to mere seconds.