Production Line Quality Inspection

Combining the use of Deep Learning, IoT, image processing and hardware customization, we create new smart products to support SME manufacturing for Industry 4.0 readiness.

Inspection systems are typically rigid and can only detect specific markings classified as defects. Ever tried teaching an inspection system to look for dents, cracks or scratches?

With visual A.I. you can.

In this application, an AI augmented machine vision solution automates part identification and visual inspection. We enable engineers to output the detected features to monitors, database or alarms and actuators via MODBUS, MQTT, I2C or other industrial standards.

The intent is to reduce defects at the assembly line due to human error, and lower injury risks. This allows the manufacturer to deliver higher product quality and reduce product return rates.

Our inspection systems run on the edge at near real-time. We achieve this with our itxEdge devices.

Product Anomaly Detection

Here's a proof of concept (POC)/prototype of a production line product defect detection using deep learning techniques. We used a retrained Caffe model with images of acceptable and NG products. Unrecognized products are also classified.

Parts Counting & Defect Detection

A production line may have multiple products running through it. Keeping correct count of each completed item is vital for the floor manager. Even more important is to ensure quality products are being made. Thus an ability to recognize and locate product defects becomes a need.

Identify anomalies in pipeline pigging inspection

Experts manually mark MFL data by identifying features and abnormalities along pipe installations. Engineers visually seek recognizable features by extensively scrolling through data while applying filters and knowledge of known features.

An itxEdge device can be thought of the same features based on previously annotated data, then apply the learnt features to detect future abnormalities, freeing up the engineers time to more pressing matters.

Personal protection equipment (PPE) verification

Worker safety is crucial on the shop floor. Constant monitoring of personal safety equipment compliance is nearly impossible, without the use of CCTV and intelligent detection software.

Using itxEdge, deploy a smart surveillance system onsite.

Always-on automated monitoring of PPE compliance can avoid enforcement agency penalties as well as ensure worker safety and avoid injuries.


High response, low latency manufacturing line applications are implemented using our itxEdge devices.

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