Building management

Smarter buildings, increased efficiency.

Our clients have CCTVs already installed on their premises. With the existing infrastructure, they would like to use video feeds to control lighting or air-conditioning for energy optimization. We proposed several additional features.

Automatically control facilities

  • Generate heat-maps.
  • Vary light intensity based on number of people or activity. Turn on fans, open, lock/unlock doors.

Annotated security & surveillance

  • Detect: Walking, talking, standing, reading, loitering, suspicious, covered face.
  • Enable: Intrusion of restricted areas, count number of people in and out of rooms/building.
  • Dashboard: visualize all streams and data in real-time.

Optimized hardware and software

  • 100 camera streams on a PC with a single 10-core Intel Xeon CPU.


Integrated Building Management Systems are implemented using our itxEdge devices.

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