Look ma, no barcodes!

Oct 1, 2019, KUALA LUMPUR. FOR SHOPPERS with cart loads of groceries, especially at hypermarkets, shopping will soon be a wee bit breezier. There will be no more long queues and long waits at payment counters as the process of scanning the products’ barcode will be a thing of the past.

The ITxRetail, an ingenious bench-top gadget packed with artificial intelligence (AI) will automatically identify and register the prices of each product as they are placed on it.

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This simply means, no more time being wasted searching for product barcodes, nor unsuccessful scanning due to barcodes that lack clarity, are wet and thus unreadable.

The ITxRetail was developed by ITXOTIC Sdn Bhd – a homegrown company specialising in automated data analysis and inspection solutions.

This innovation adopts the “deep learning with computer vision” application which provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

For instance, when a product is placed on it, its in-built camera automatically recognises the product and lists down details such as price, name of product, product image and quantity.

Even the price of a hand-packed “nasi lemak” could be detected and listed on the attached tab.

To a question by The Petri Dish as to how the product could recognise nasi lemak packages that come in all shapes and sizes, Dr Mohd Zafri Baharuddin , a University Tenaga Nasional lecturer said, “The computer has been trained multiple times to recognise products by capturing images of the products as well as similar products with different packaging. Hence, this explains how all necessary details could be listed almost immediately.”

Mohd Zafri who also works with ITxOTIC said the current technology which uses barcode on products is a good invention too, but what happens if you purchase items which do not have barcodes, for instance, pastries and breads at a petrol kiosk?

According to him, one great breakthrough of this invention is that, unlike the barcode system it does not need to scan one item at a time. This would significantly cut down on the waiting time at the payment counter.

When asked about the commercialisation of this machine, he said the ITxRetail has great potential to be commercialised at stores, both big and small.

“It can also be applied to other sectors that rely heavily on barcode systems such as manufacturing, warehouse systems, inventory management and others,” he added.

The Malaysian Technology Development Corporation held its MTDC Technology Conference and Exhibition (MTCE2019). The conference and exhibition hosted a large number of participants and exhibitors. The event’s take home message was “way forward” with Industry 4.0 (I4.0).


A Bright Star

July 7, 2019, PENANG. In my point view, Malaysia is in a precarious situation in the journey of Industry 4.0. We are balanced on an egg, and a slight shift will either topple the future of the manufacturing sector in Malaysia to the lower ranks of whole value chain, or propel us as the shining glory of high value technology, Industry 4.0 manufacturing leader of the world.

A small Malaysian company, Itxotic Sdn Bhd, was the little bright shining star of the Intel IoT Summit in my opinion. Using simple hardware equipped with Intel OpenVINO technology, they have developed a pre-commercial Computer Vision Deep Learning solution. The solution, Itxotic Althaea, has massive potential because the application of their solution across industries, not just in manufacturing, is very vast.

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It was a simple demo demonstrating good nail, bad nail, good Lego, bad Lego. The solution, once trained with the right AI model, can visually identify objects and components in a factory or in a retail shop, and tagged with the right specifications, details, price and other parameters, and also can be use to point out defects in the objects.

Itxotic Althaea is a 100% Malaysian developed solution, imbued with Malaysian AI ingenuity. And this is exciting because this small company took the bold step to show what Malaysia Industry 4.0 can be.

Kudos to Itxotic! The future is bright!

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We Ask Malaysian Bosses: How Do We Stop Robots From Taking All Our Jobs?

May 2019, KUALA LUMPUR. If you Google the question “Will robots take my job?”, you’ll find that there are over 74.8 million results. With automation and AI continuing to rise to new heights of innovation, it’s not surprising that people are worried. After all, if a machine is capable of being smarter than us and better than us at doing work, and doesn’t require any rest, where does that leave humans?

The team at MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) took such fears and other questions about our future in the workplace to leaders, in varying industries and company sizes, to give us an insight into their thoughts about automation and the future of work.

“It’s probably in the best interest of the country and the businesses to learn about new technology, and do a phased plan to adapt new technology to stay competitive.”

ITXOTIC's managing director spoke at MDEC's CEO series to shed light on Malaysia's talent landscape.

Article by Venxhin Pang via vulcanpost

ITXOTIC registered as an IR4 solution provider with FMM

2019, KUALA LUMPUR. Malaysia's industries are still far from being digitally ready and are facing hurdles including the lack of a structured approach, budget limitations, a shortage of digital professionals, and the perception that digital transformation is too fast-paced and complex.

To help address such challenges, the Digital Transformation Acceleration Programme (DTAP) has been established by MDEC and Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) to future-proof Malaysian companies and to ensure their competitiveness in an era of increasing global digital disruption.

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