Fleet Surveillance

Driver behaviour

Ensure the safety your fleet and your drivers.

On-board real-time detection of driver action while driving. Alert driver if drowsy or distracted and send an alert back to data center for reporting. Integrated cloud dashboard to view driver data

Run online and offline for off-grid locations.

Vehicle Type Identification & Reporting

Many CCTVs installed for viewing traffic simply record feeds without any analytics. Itxotic has develoepd an AI model to automatically identify car type, registration plate reading, and count by type from the traffic camera.

The inferencing is done on the edge while triggers can be set to output to a database or set alarms for specific plate numbers or vehicle type. Itxotic prides itself on optimizing the hardware with the video feed at the highest FPS rate and lowest cost.


Image inference, object recognition and localization in the applications above were implemented on our itxEdge devices.

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