Artificial Intelligence, at your fingertips

Get useful insights & support out in the field. Using a smarphone device, itxMobile smart software places the power of artificial intelligence in the palm of your hands. Customized AI models that is portable & easy to download gives the user the ability to have smart object detection that functions even without network access. Field work such as identifying crop diseases, or cataloging assets in remote locations can now be done automatically with less hassle.

Applications using itxMobile

Inspection Reporting Tool

Monitoring of assets is critical to ensure continuous uninterrupted operation of those assets. When inspection teams go out to do their checks, they take hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures. Take advantage of AI in itxMobile and itxCloud to quickly look for anomalies and evaluate thousands of photos in seconds.

Padi AI Phone App

Developed for the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture (Selangor State engineering unit), the agency needed a tool to assist untrained farmers to identify types of paddy diseases, and automatically send the data back to the data center. This would in turn help the farmers save their crops with suggested mitigating methods, and help Ministry of Agriculture better control disease outbreak.