Stream your videos to our itxCloud AI Servers and get the analytics you deserve. Land, sea, air, or space, wherever there's internet.

AI video analytics can be done without the need to buy a specialized hardware & software, or be an AI expert. itxCloud allows you to subscribe to our online service & have your image or video stream to be processed in our cloud AI service.

Choose from our selection of object detection services, run your video stream job, and watch the AI automatically detect objects at speed.

Use itxCloud to save time in your work to detect & count multiple objects in a video or image, like trees, persons, vehicles or any custom objects quickly and accurately.

Applications using itxCloud


Detect people or vehicle from your drones video feed. FlyBy will automatically recognize chosen objects and track them throughout the video. It can detect multiple objects in a single frame, and auto-count the number of objects. Useful for security use cases like parameter reinforcement, and intrusion detection.


Automatically detect the number of crops in your farm. A cost effective and reliable way to identify and count the total number of trees by using the video capture from a drone survey. Lessen the burden of manually counting trees, which takes time and requires concentration.

Let itxAgro quickly and accurately do it, and allow you to better handle resources like water, fertilizer and pesticides. Lowring your overall cost and improve managing your crops health