vision intelligence

solving real world problems with vision A.I.

Customized Vision Intelligence

ITXOTIC (pronounced: exotic) specializes in customizing, developing and deploying vision AI systems.
If you're a company that wants to implement AI for your own business or clients, but don't know how to,
ITXOTIC is your enterprise AI solutions provider, using our itxCore vision AI development platform.

In-situ Defect Detection

Reduce down-time by cutting down inspection times.

Perform on-site detections for immediate insights.

Learn more about vision AI applications for O&G.

Defect Classification
on RT Scans


Enhance your business processes

The ITXOTIC Team will work with you to identify the best AI solution for your organization. Take a look at some of our products and see how you too can benefit from our technology.

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ITXOTIC is experienced in AI and computer vision processing on the edge and in the cloud. Find out how your business can be better with AI.