vision intelligence

solving real world problems with vision A.I.

Customized Vision Intelligence

ITXOTIC (pronounced: exotic) specializes in customizing, developing and deploying vision AI systems.
If you're a company that wants to implement AI for your own business or clients, but don't know how to,
ITXOTIC is your enterprise AI solutions provider, using our itxCore vision AI development platform.

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Use mobile phone cameras to detect the occurrence of plant diseases. And find out immediately how to mitigate them.

Quickly and correctly get crop count from drone imagery. Make informed decisions based on facts and data for your farm.

Our clients have CCTVs already installed on their premises. By using our systems, the same video feeds now can control lighting and air-conditioning for energy optimization.

Maximize your facility usage, generate heat-maps, count people, detect activities or intrusions.

Inspection systems are typically rigid and can only detect specific markings classified as defects.

Ever tried teaching an inspection system to look for dents, cracks or scratches?

With visual A.I. you can.

ML/AI Solution Prototyping & Development

Smart Manufacturing Based Digital Solution Development

Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation Consultancy & Services

Enhance your business processes

The ITXOTIC Team will work with you to identify the best AI solution for your organization. Take a look at some of our products and see how you too can benefit from our technology.

Detect on the Edge

Our highly engineered video processing pipeline gives you ultra low latency detection close to where you need it. Be it production line anomaly detection, security, or retail. Give intelligence to your videos by connecting an itxEdge solution to your existing CCTV network. Have your data, images and video be securely within your facility.

Cloud supremacy

What if you need vision intelligence on the go? Stream your videos to our itxCloud AI Servers and get the analytics you deserve. Land, sea, air, or space, wherever there's internet.

AI in your hands

Harness the power of that camera in your pocket with itxMobile. Snap a scene, what does it see? Can it recognize something that you don't? Record a video, recognize specific objects, count how many objects are are passing by.

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ITXOTIC is experienced in AI and computer vision processing on the edge and in the cloud. Find out how your business can be better with AI.