More than meets the A.I.

customized Industrial Intelligence

ITXOTIC (pronounced: exotic) specializes in automated data analysis and inspection solutions – integrated with industrial hardware – customized for maximum throughput and minimum human errors. Our systems integrate state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, computer vision algorithms, advanced signal processing, IOT and data analytics to help you make the most of your work.

ML/AI Solution Prototyping & Development

Smart Manufacturing Based Digital Solution Development

Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation Consultancy & Services

Previous Work

The ITXOTIC Team will work with you to identify the best AI solution for your organization. Take a look at some of our past work and get in touch with us today.

Defect Detection on a Production Line

Inspection systems are typically rigid and can only detect specific markings classified as defects. Ever tried to teach an inspection system to look for dents, cracks or scratches? With visual A.I. you can. Eliminate your defective products and increase quality now.

Image-based Shopping Cart

For products without barcodes, cashiers have to correctly identify the items to be checked out. An A.I. assistant can help save time and money by quickly and correctly recognizing products.

Individual Product Identification from a Large Inventory

A company had an inventory of over 10,000 different unlabeled products. Given a sample item, they had to search the inventory manually, which consumed a lot of time. Machine vision with A.I. can save you that time.

Custom AI/ML Hardware

Owning your own Deep Learning Computer is more cost effective than cloud services. Or you may want to keep your dataset private. Let us help you design a bespoke system specifically for your requirements.

We are itxotic

Itxotic is a technology company with a mission to drive change in Malaysia for Smart Manufacturing.

We have a vision to make digital technology affordable and accessible to the manufacturing industry to transform it from the legacy way of running business to a more agile and dynamic operations, ready to tackle the challenges of the new world.